Monopulse System

Antech has developed a complete system for tracking both low earth satellites (LEO) and Geostationary Satellites during LEOP operations. The system is based on the new Antenna Control Unit (ACU), able to mange even the most demanding requirements coming from the managers of the Satellite Control Room.  
Antech provides turnkey solutions for the tracking system or the full operative Antenna. Antech can design the tracking system even for existing Antennas, in order to improve the characteristics, change the operative frequency bandwidth or to implement a multiband operation ( eg. X/S, X/S/Ka). 
Antech ACU is able to manage different Digital Tracking receivers and tracking downconverters; it has advanced capabilities of monitoring and control of all the system equipment  and easy integrability with the existing one.


Design of a new monopulse feed system for reshaping of a 10 m. X band LEO antenna with high G/T performances.